A unique business opportunity for only the best car dealers.

Would your customers appreciate seeing the car they bought from you in a glossy, hardback book that is available worldwide?

Now is your chance to become a published automotive expert.

Your expertise can now grace the pages of a luxurious, superior-quality, hardback book.

Your classic car dealership is close to reaching a global audience of prospective buyers, all keen to learn more from your specialist knowledge.

Welcome to the Cherished Classic Cars series of books

Uniquely, our titles focus on one manufacturer.

And each chapter documents one owner’s individual vehicle.

A vehicle they bought from you.

2014 Ferrari 458 Speciale

So now not only can you become a published expert, but the cars you’ve sold to your previous customers can become featured in some of the most beautiful publications ever produced on the subjects of classic, specialist and supercars.

“Publishing a book is the secret that business owners use to hyper-grow their business and elevate their authority status to get new customers rolling through their doors, day after day.

Simply put, publishing a book is the unfair advantage that propels your business to heights it’s never seen before.”


We can also help you monetise your knowledge and achieve published author status

A unique proposition

Do you keep in touch with your previous customers but struggle to find a genuinely exciting reason to call them?


Imagine calling up a previous customer and, after enquiring about their wellbeing, mentioning that you have an opportunity for their prized car to be featured in a stunning new book that is available worldwide. 


Distributed through Amazon, Barnes & Noble, Walmart, Ingram, Powell’s and Baker & Taylor, plus over fifty other online booksellers.


Now further imagine that you can confidently tell them that you, as a seasoned expert in all things automotive, will also be featured in each book. This is because we can credit you with a chapter introduction where you can share your knowledge on that particular model of car.

How To Get Involved?

We’ve produced an exclusive reseller programme which is only available to the world’s most respected classic car dealers.

To help you gain published status, we have a unique business partnership opportunity.

When you become an authorised partner with us, we provide you with all the tools to successfully ensure that your previous customers gain maximum exposure for the car you sold them. By joining us, you receive:

Partner marketing resources

  • Dedicated website landing page for customer orders
  • Postal letter templates
  • Email templates
  • Exclusive reseller rights
  • TV-quality ads for social media promotion
  • PDF brochures (custom-branded for your classic car dealership)
  • Ten copies of the first edition book upon publication
  • Payment gateway with secure checkout

Ongoing partner benefits

  • Up to 30% Commission
  • Invitations to write book forewords 
  • Exclusive invitations to be an accredited author *
  • ‘Whole-book’ opportunities
  • Preferential sponsorship opportunities
  • Discounted book copies to stock in your showroom

* Subject to volume of chapter sales

5 Initial Titles To Promote






Unlimited future titles

Reasons to become a reseller with us

  1. Being published adds value to your business
  2. You achieve instant expert credibility
  3. We are your new powerful marketing ally
  4. Longevity – books are kept for years and generations
  5. We do everything (except sell to your customers)
  6. We have 100’s of  titles in our pipeline
  7. Sales royalties per copy sold
  8. Receive up to 30% per title in commission

One-off reseller package price:


How Does It Work?

You can confidently offer your customers inclusion in an appropriate title. They simply pre-order from 1 – 5 copies of the book.

Also free, we provide the  services of an expert ghostwriter to compose their chapter.

They also receive up to five pages in the book, full colour photos and they are also able to document the stats and important information about their vehicle. 

Do your customers have car collections?

Offer your best customers the opportunity to have their full car collection documented and published in a dedicated volume (book) with our Private Client Bespoke Publishing service.

This is a truly unique facility to offer any serious collector who wishes to get maximum exposure for their cars.

(Shared commissions are available).

Start Today

We are only seeking quality partners who will work with us over the long term, to create mutually beneficial relationships for many years to come.

To secure your place in this unique and exciting partnership, simply fill in the form below.

What Happens After I Join?

1st 48 hours

Once you have completed Square’s secure checkout, we will create your dedicated landing page and configure the secure checkout functionality. 


We’ll then be in touch to demonstrate these to you. 

We will also ask for a copy of your logo and hi-res photos of your business in order to start creating your brochures. 


Printing and delivery take from a few days to a week.

2 – 7 days


Once we’ve designed your brochures, we’ll send them to you to proof and sign-off.


Next we’ll create your account on our online portal where you will find your other marketing assets (email templates, letter templates, social media ads and graphics). In fact everything you need to make a successful launch. 

This is also where you will find your monthly commission statements and where you can draw down your funds.

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