Exclusively available only to FCA members

The Ferrari Club of America 60th anniversary commemorative register.

Secure your place in FCA history

in a never-to-be repeated opportunity.

2022 Concours d’ Elegance winners at the Mont Tremblant resort in Quebec

To celebrate the 60th anniversary of the Ferrari Club of America, you are invited to document your car’s ownership (and your membership in the club) in a new luxury book.

Create a lasting legacy

Available exclusively to FCA members, this is a one-off opportunity to share your car’s story along with like-minded fellow enthusiasts.

Create a lasting legacy

An exquisite way to treasure your cherished Ferrari for generations to come.

An unprecedented opportunity.

Sixty years down the road

November 19, 1962. Larry & Carmen Nicklin’s house, 4746 Stratford Road, Fort Wayne, Indiana.

On March 5th, 2022, at the annual FCA Board meeting, Joe Adams, Chairman of the Ferrari Club of America, presented a concept brought about by Art Davidson, Regional Director of the North Central Region. 


The concept that Art had been working on since July 2021 was the creation of the Ferrari Club of America 60th-anniversary register-anniversary commemorative register. This register would serve to create a lasting tome documenting the club’s sixtieth year in operation and generate a snapshot of the club at sixty years old, its officers and, ultimately its members. 


The proposition is simple: to offer Ferrari Club of America members the opportunity to crowd-publish a volume that will be cherished for generations to come. 


And much like the memories and emotions that you feel when you see old photos of your hometown, we are producing a work that will stir deep inside, for many generations to come.

This stunning publication, meant as an ode to the Italian automaker’s legendary machines, will be available exclusively to FCA members. A beautiful addition to anyone’s home or office that will be cherished for years and generations to come.

What’s included?

 • 1-6 page feature
 • 1 – 6 copies of the book upon publication
 • First edition, collector’s copies (10″ x 10″)
 • 2 – 10 photos of your car
 • 250 – 1250 words of text
 • Your Ferrari’s vital statistics
 • Free ghostwritten article
 • Free typesetting & layout
 • Free delivery in the US & Canada

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Places are strictly limited

As a distinguished owner of one of the world’s most unique automobiles, you can now have your Ferrari featured in the pages of this premium hardback book; a first of its kind. 

Ferrari side

To participate in this special opportunity, simply pre-order 1-6 copies of the book, and you’ll receive 1-6 beautiful, full-color pages in the book to showcase your car.

Ferrari F12

Sample two-page entry

Marcello Fumasoni – Miami and Palm Beach chapters

Free delivery nationwide in the US and Canada

Sample four-page entry

Click the image to read the story of our Director, North Central Region

Just like the artistry and technical precision that goes into the production of every Ferrari, likewise, each one of these beautiful books is created using the most refined printing techniques, in the most exceptional printing plants in the world.

The quality is world-class, with vibrant colors, crisp text, and a weight of just over 7 lbs, indicative of an exquisitely-crafted and substantial volume.

You will, no doubt, be absolutely delighted with the end product.

Immortalize your Ferrari for generations to come

Double-page layout

All FCA member's cars are welcome to be featured.

By their very nature, these books have limited pages, which means the opportunity for inclusion is also limited. As a result, entries are allocated strictly on a first-come, first-served basis.


As a Ferrari Club of America member, you will receive an exclusive collector’s edition copy (or copies) of the book.
Only contributors will receive these collector's editions, so this is your only opportunity to receive a copy.

A truly unique and beautiful way to document your ownership of your Ferrari.



What happens after I order?

As soon as you order, you will receive a link to enter some information about your car. There are sections for you to enter, which will help speed up the ghostwriting process. Simply enter the information and return it to us as soon as possible.

One of our ghostwriters will then contact you to discuss your book entry, and when they have completed compiling your text and layout, we will send it to you for approval and final sign-off.

How long before I receive my book?

This depends on how quickly we sell our pages in the book, how quickly buyers respond to completing our form, and how soon we can get all the information to our ghostwriters and typesetters.

As a rule of thumb, depending on order book capacity, printing takes approx. 10 days from signing off the final content of the book, then fulfilment and delivery another 7 days.

We expect deliveries to be in customers’ hands in Q2 2023 at the latest.

Any other questions?

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